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Licenses Held
Short Name(s) Name in ULS Color A B C
3 Rivers 3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X
700 MHz 700 MHz, L.L.C. X
Adams Adams Telcom, Inc. X
Advantage Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc. X
Agri-Valley Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. X X
Alpine Alpine Communications, L.C. X
Appalachian, App East Kentucky Network, LLC d/b/a Appalachian Wireless X X
AT&T Various (AT&T Wireless) X X
AWS Spectrum AWS Spectrum, LLC X
Bascom Bascom Long Distance, Inc. X
BEK BEK Communications Cooperative X X
Bend Bend Cable Communications, LLC (Paul Allen) X
Beulahland Beulahland Communications, Inc. X
Blanca Blanca Telephone Company X
Blue Valley Blue Valley Tele-Communications, Inc. X X
Bluegrass Bluegrass Wireless LLC (B), Bluegrass Cellular, Inc. (C ) X X
BPS BPS Telephone Company X X
Bresnan Bresnan Communications, Inc. X X
Buffalo-Lake Erie Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., L.L.C. X
Buggs Island Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative X
BWU Broadband Wireless Unlimited, LLC X
C&C Corp, C&C Cable & Communications Corporation X
C&W C&W Enterprises, Inc. X X
Cable Montana Cable Montana LLC X
Cavalier, Cav Cavalier Wireless, LLC X X
Cellular South, Cell South Cellular South Licenses, Inc. X X
Central TX Tele Inv Central Texas Telephone Investments, LP X X
Central Wisconsin Central Wisconsin Communications, Inc. X
CenturyTel, CTel CenturyTel Broadband Wireless, LLC X X X
Chester Chester Telephone Company X
Chillicothe The Chillicothe Telephone Company X
Churchill Tele Churchill County Telephone d/b/a CC Communications X
Cincy Bell Cincinnati Bell Wireless LLC X X
Club 42 Club 42 CM Limited Partnership X
Columbia Columbia Cellular, Inc. X
Command Connect Command Connect, LLC X
Comporium Comporium Wireless, LLC X
ComSouth ComSouth Tellular, Inc. X
Consolidated Consolidated Telephone Company (Rural Cellular Corp) X
Continuum Continuum 700 LLC X
Corr Corr Wireless Communications, LLC X
Cox Cox TMI Wireless, L.L.C. X X
Cross Cross Telephone Company, LLC X
CTC (in VA) Citizens Telephone Cooperative X
CTC (in WI) CTC Telcom, Inc. (Charbardun Telepone Co-op) X
CVCC Chariton Valley Communication Corporation, Inc. X X
D&E D&E Investments, Inc. X
DataMax Data-Max Wireless LLC X
David M. Gates David M. Gates X
David Miller, DM Miller, David X X
Dickey Dickey Rural Services, Inc. X
Dragon Arch Dragon Arch, Inc. X
Dycom Dycom Holding, Inc. X
Eastern Colorado Eastern Colorado Wireless, LLC X
Farmers (in AL) Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc. X
Farmers (in CO) Farmers Telephone Company, Inc. X
FCC Held by FCC X X
FTC FTC Management Group, Inc. X
GAB Great American Broadband, Inc. X
Glenwood Glenwood Telephone Membership, Corporation X X
Gold Gold Radio Group, LLC X X
Grand River Grand River Communications, Inc. X
Great Plains Great Plains Communications, Inc X
Greenfly Greenfly LLC X
Guadalupe Valley Guadalupe Valley Communications Systems, L.P. X
H&B H&B Communications, Inc. X
Hemingford Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Company X
Horry Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X
I-700 I-700, LLC X X
Iowa Intelegra Iowa Intelegra Consortium, LLC X X
ITS Iowa Telecommunications Services, Inc. X
James Valley James Valley Cooperative Telephone Company X
KanOkla KanOkla Telephone Association, Inc. X
Kaplan Kaplan Telephone Company, Inc. X
Kennebec Kennebec Telephone Company, Inc. X
Kingdom Kingdom Telephone Company X
KM KM Communications, Inc. X
KTC AWS KTC AWS Limited Partnership X
Lackawaxen Lackawaxen Long Distance Company, Inc. X
Ligtel Ligtel Communications, Inc. X
LL License Holdings LL License Holdings, LLC X
Lynch Lynch 3G Communications Corporation X
Manti Manti Telephone Company X X
Mark Twain Mark Twain Communications Company X
maxima maxima international llc X
MetroPCS MetroPCS 700 MHz, LLC X
Mid-Rivers Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X
Midwest AWS Midwest AWS Limited Partnership X
Miles Miles Communications Corp X
MilkyWay MilkyWay Broadband, LLC X
Mobius Mobius Communications Company X
MTN3B MTN3B Consortium X
Mutual Mutual Telephone Company of Sioux Center, Iowa X
ND Network North Dakota Network Co. X
NE Colorado, NE Col N.E. Colorado Wireless Technologies, Inc. X
NE Neb Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company X
Nemont Nemont Communications, Inc. X
NICP Northern Iowa Communications Partners, LLC X
Nortex Nortex Communications Company X
Northern NM Telecom Northern New Mexico Telecom, Inc. X
Panhandle Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc. X X
Paul Bunyan Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative (Rural Cellular Corp) X X
PBP, PBP Bidco PBP Bidco LLC X
PCSP, PCS Partners PCS Partners, L.P. X
Peoples Peoples Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X
Piedmont Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X
Pine Pine Cellular Phones, Inc. X
Pioneer (in KS) Pioneer Telephone Association, Inc. X
Pioneer (in OK) Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X X
Plateau Plateau Telecommunications, Inc. X
Poka Lambro Poka Lambro Telecommunications, Ltd. X
Ponderosa Telephone The Ponderosa Telephone Co. X
PSWS Public Service Wireless Services, Inc. X X
PVT PVT Networks, Inc. X X X
QCOM Qualcomm Incorporated X
Rainbow Rainbow Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc. X
Red Lake Chippewa Red Lake Band Of Chippewa Indians X
Red River Red River Rural Telephone Association, Inc. X X
Redwood Redwood Wireless Corp. X X
Ronan Ronan Telephone Company X
Rural Rural Telephone Service Company, Inc. X X
S&T The S&T Telephone Cooperative Association, Inc. (B), S&T Communications Inc (C ) X X
S. Reiter Reiter, Scott D X
SAL SAL Spectrum, LLC X X
San Carlos Apache San Carlos Apache Telecommunications Utility, Inc. X
Sandhill Sandhill Communications, LLC X
Sky Com 700 Sky Com 700 MHZ, LLC X X
Spectrum Acquisitions Spectrum Acquisitions, Inc. X
Star (in NC) Star Telephone Membership Corporation X
Star (in WI & IA) Star Wireless LLC (winner in Auc 44 but no current call signs) X
Star Telephone (in LA) Star Telephone Company, Inc. X
SW TX Telephone Southwest Texas Telephone Company X
Swayzee Swayzee Telephone Company X
TC TC Wireless, Inc. X
Thomas Kurian Kurian, Thomas K X
Toba Inlet Toba Inlet PCS, LLC X
Triad Triad 700, LLC X X
Triangle Triangle Communication System, Inc. X
Tri-County Tri-County Communications X
Union Telephone, Union Tel, Union Union Telephone Company X X X
United Wireless United Wireless Communications, Inc. X
USA Choice USA Choice Internet Services Company LLC X
USCC Various (US Cellular Corp.) X X X
Valley Telephone Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. X
VentureTel VentureTel 700, Inc. X
Viacel Viacel Corporation X
VTel Vermont Telephone Company, Inc. X X
Vulcan Vulcan Spectrum LLC (Paul Allen) X X
VZW Various (Verizon Wireless) X X X
Waller Waller, Inc. X
WCCT Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone Association X
WCTA WCTA Wireless Inc. X
WCV Wireless Communications Venture X
Wes-Tex Wes-Tex Telecommunications, Ltd.
West Carolina West Carolina Communications, LLC X
West Wisconsin West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative, Inc. X
Whidbey, Whid Whidbey Telephone Company X X
World Co. The World Company X
Worldcall Worldcall Inc. X
XIT XIT Telecommunications & Technology, Ltd. X
Yell Yell County Telephone Company, Inc. X