Rural Broadband

Bridging the Digital Divide

Many Americans live in areas without adequate high speed access to the Internet. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes $7.2 billion to deliver broadband to unserved and underserved areas, helping to close the Digital Divide. Wireless Strategy's experience in rural coverage assessment and business modeling provides invaluable guidance for new entrants evaluating rural business opportunities.

Stimulus Grant Applications

The Department of Commerce, the Department of Agriculture, and the FCC are establishing processes for allocating and tracking broadband grants. Wireless Strategy is well prepared to help rural operators with their grant applications. Interest in grant money is high - a large number of applicants will be competing for the funding. When the application carries such high importance as funding approval, quality and clarity are essential. Wireless Strategy is best positioned to help your firm succeed.

Business Modeling

New entrants to wireless have the daunting task of attracting marketshare in an increasingly competitive environment. Identifying the coverage footprint that will deliver the target ROI hinges on many variables, such as the underlying demographics, competition, technology capability and target service offering. Subscriber projections, churn, and average revenue per unit (ARPU) are tied closely to system performance and device capabilities. The Wireless Strategy team has built new markets from the ground up, and can turn the multivariate view of technical, marketing, and competitive data into a coherent financial and operational plan. We understand the business of wireless technology.

Roaming and Partnerships

A new rural broadband business must look beyond its borders, leveraging equipment ecosystems, device synergy and strategic alliances to reduce deployment and operations costs. Wireless Strategy is currently partnering with independent operators to lower equipment and services cost, improve efficiency, speed time-to-market, and deliver more favorable roaming rates.

Technology and Deployment

Wireless Strategy's management team has dealt with all major infrastructure vendors and all 3G and 4G technologies. We deliver immediate value, analyzing the operator's unique business needs and developing a tailored wireless strategy to match.

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