Business Services

Business Planning

New entrants to wireless have the daunting task of attracting marketshare in an increasingly competitive environment. Identifying the coverage footprint that will deliver the target ROI hinges on many variables, such as the underlying demographics, competitor footprint, technology capability and target service offering. Subscriber projections, churn, and average revenue per unit (ARPU) are tied closely to system performance and device capabilities. The Wireless Strategy team has built new markets from the ground up, and can turn the multivariate view of technical, marketing, and competitive data into a coherent financial and operational plan. We understand the business of wireless technology.

Spectrum Valuation

The value of spectrum depends on both business and technical factors. FCC regulations, interference concerns, and existing and future uses of the spectrum and adjacent blocks all affect its viability for various technologies. The technology's true performance will impact the services that can be offered, which will impact the revenue opportunity. Wireless Strategy understands both sides of the equation and can solve for the true value.

Strategic Analysis

The wireless sector offers unlimited investment opportunities. But which new wireless technologies will be adopted by operators, and which ones will be left by the wayside? Which new wireless entrants or traditional operators will be capable of growing to the next level of performance and deliver significant returns on investment? Wireless Strategy's partners have years of experience in analyzing new technologies and assessing their value to the wireless operator.

Technology Briefings

We have years of experience in briefing wireless executives on technical subjects, providing clear, concise summaries of the relevant information affecting their business. Investors benefit from our unbiased assessments of technologies and operator performance. Whether explaining the basics of wireless operations or identifying the impact of a new technology on a business, we are ready to brief executives and investors on the best path forward.

Executive Services

The wireless industry has seen numerous mergers and turbulence in recent years. Wireless Strategy can provide stability through management change by teaming with the business organizations and delivering continuity and focus on company performance. Our partners are well qualified to fill technology and operations executive positions on a temporary or longer term basis.